Simpson 5 Oz Acrylic-Tie High Strength Adhesive – Kit

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Simpson AT anchoring adhesive is a high-strength, acrylic-based anchoring adhesive. AT is formulated for use as a highstrength, anchor-grouting material in a wide range of temperature conditions. It is a two-part system with the resin and hardener being simultaneously dispensed and mixed through the mixing nozzle. Easy to use, jobsite-proven system. Formulated to dispense easily at freezing temperatures without warming the cartridge. Non-sag gel formulation ideal for horizontal, vertical and most overhead applications. Standard cure: 24 hours at 0°F, 1 hour at 60°F. Suitable for damp, wet and water-filled holes. Multiple dispensing options: 12.5 and 30 oz. cartridges as well as manual and pneumatic dispensing tools. Applications: Threaded rod anchoring in concrete, Rebar doweling in concrete, Threaded rod anchoring in grouted filled and hollow CMU, Threaded rod anchoring in unreinforced brick masonry.

  • Model: SIMAPTAC05KT
  • Manufactured by: Simpson Strong-Tie

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