4-1/2" A304/18.8 Stainless Steel T- Bolt Clamp.

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The G94 bolt clamp is constructed entirely of A304/18.8. It is ideal for a variety of applications including hydraulic suction lines, truck and bus radiator hoses, and water suction and discharge service. The unique design creates several advantages over conventional T-bolt clamps: • Greater size range - these clamps are available as small as 3/4". • Wider band width - in the larger sizes, the band is wider than the 3/4" band used on conventional T-bolt clamps. • Easy & fast tightening - a standard socket wrench can be used. A conventional T-bolt clamp requires a deep socket as the nut is tightened on the bolt, but for these clamps, the wrench is used on the bolt head itself, so a deep socket is not required. • Bevelled band edges - the bevelled edge prevents damage to the hose cover.

  • Model: GREG94-112121
  • Manufactured by: Greenline Sales

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