Loctite Big Foot Heavy Duty Pedestrian Grade Anti-Slip Coating 1

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Loctite® Big Foot™ Heavy Duty Pedestrian Grade, for areas with heavy pedestrian or light rolling traffic. Ideal for ramps, walkways, locker rooms, stairs, and assembly areas. (Now available in safety yellow). Single-component, epoxy non-slip floor and deck coating. Reduces slips and falls in the workplace. Resists gasoline, oil, acids, alkalis, and aliphatic solvents. Fire retardant when cured. Anti-Slip Products
According to OSHA, each year there are over 2,000,000 injuries due to slips and falls. 80% of these falls result in lost time and 12% require hospitalization. Loctite® Big Foot™ products provide tough, long-lasting anti-skid surfaces for added safety to prevent slips and falls. Easily applied to potentially hazardous surfaces, Loctite Big Foot coatings stand up to heavy traffic and harsh environments.

  • Model: LOC96211
  • Manufactured by: Henkel/Loctite Corp

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