5/16” Grade 30 Proof Coil Welded Chain. Plain

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Proof Coil or Common Coil Chain is the standard commercial quality grade 30 chain, a general purpose chain for pulling or restraining applications. Proof coil is not for overhead lifting or where maximum tensile nor impact strength is crucial. Basic carbon steel metal composition makes it the go-to for log chains and towing. This metal can look different depending on finish. Standard Finishes may be plain, bright zinc or hot dip galvanized. Because tolerances aren't as tight for inconsistencies in link size and diameter with proof coil, the cost is less than precision chain.Proof coil chain is a general purpose chain for all ordinary applications not requiring high strength characteristics. Frequently used for light duty tow chains, tie down chains and logging chains. Packaged in drums, half drums, pails and by the foot.. Pricing is per foot.

  • Model: GR30B516
  • Shipping Weight: 1.06lbs
  • Manufactured by: Vanguard Steel

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