2 1/16" REAL McCOY Bi-Metal Holesaw w/Attached Arbor.

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Contractor handy and convenient, Morse Real McCoy Hole Saws feature the same professional quality and construction as Morse AV and AD series bi-metal hole saws but also incorporate a ready-to-go built-in 7/16 pass-through shank arbor. Need multiple holesaws but only have one mandril? Not any more! Each size has it's own with the Real McCoy. Constructed with the M3 high-speed steel cutting edge electron beam welded to a tough steel backer. Cutting depth is 1-1/2" (38mm). Requires a 4 5/16 HSS pilot bit. Features include positive rake teeth for better chip clearance, variable pitch teeth for reduced heat and friction and expanded gullets for faster cutting and increased blade life. Teeth flanks are also reinforced for added strength and strip resistance.

  • Model: MORTA33
  • Manufactured by: MK Morse Co

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