JET 23/64" JET-KUT GOLD Premium M2 HSS Jobber Drill Bit

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Jet-Kut Gold Super Premium 135º Split Point Drill Bits. HSS Bronze Oxide (Gold) Finish. JET-KUT GOLD drill bits are the most advanced drill bits available in the Canadian market. These super high performance bits feature razor sharp 135° split point self centring tips, eliminating “walking” and the need for centre punching. These bits penetrate on contact. The superior bronze oxide (gold) ground flute finish reduces friction, allowing outstanding drilling performance with less operator pressure. Special flute form enhances chip ejection, reduces drill retractions (woodpeckering) and improves coolant flow to the tip. Heavy duty, high molybdenum steel offers greater strength and rigidity, longer lasting cutting edges and improved hole tolerances, permitting higher feed rates. JET offers the TORQUE DRIVE three flat shank for chuck to bit gripping power that is unparalleled in the industry (available on 3/16" diameter and larger bits). This unique feature eliminates slipping which greatly reduces chuck and shank damage and increases cutting efficiency, especially when used on today's popular keyless chucks which have a tendency to slip. Drill up to 4 times faster and last up to 7 times longer than regular drill bits in steel, stainless steel and alloy steel applications.

  • Model: JET570273
  • Manufactured by: Jet Equipment & Tool

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