JET 1/2" JET-KUT COBALT Premium Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit

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Jet-Kut Cobalt Super Premium Jobber Bits Heavy duty bits for used drilling hard tough metals: free machining stainless steel, high temperature alloys, titanium and certain plastics • High red hardness allows 30% higher drilling speeds over regular high speed steel drill bits • Feature razor sharp 135° split point self centring tips, eliminating “walking” and the need for centre punching. These bits penetrate on contact! • The superior bronze oxide (gold) ground flute finish reduces friction, translating to less operator pressure • Special flute form enhances chip ejection, reduces drill retractions (woodpeckering) and improves coolant flow to the tip • For best results use in rigidly held positive feed drilling equipment.

  • Model: JET573432
  • Manufactured by: Jet Equipment & Tool

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