12 X 1/2 X 18/24/32 Triple-Tooth Bi-Metal Hand Hacksaw Blade 2 P

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The Morse Triple-Tooth Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades utilize maximum cutting efficiency with three teeth sizes on one blade! Lead off with 32tpi, move to 24 tpi for more aggressive strokes and complete the cut with strokes of 18TPI —or isolate the blade and only use one section. All Morse bi-metal hacksaw blades feature an 8% cobalt high speed steel vacuum heat treated cutting edge to create a harder edge for faster, easier cutting, increased heat and wear resistance for longer life and flexibility to prevent shattering during use. Applications include cutting of pipe, conduit, stainless steel tubing, angle iron, copper tube, solids, wood, plastics or any machinable metal. Available in 10” and 12” lengths.

  • Model: MORHHB12182432
  • Manufactured by: MK Morse Co

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