J. Walter 3" X M10 X 1.25 Wire Cup Brush - Knot Twisted .015 wir

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WALTER - WIRE CUP BRUSHES are made from industrial quality wire with optimum density for fast material removal and long life. Perfectly balanced for vibration free running. Available in crimped and knot-twisted steel and stainless steel wire with colour coded hubs. Three styles - CRIMPED for light surface cleaning and rust and paint removal. Softer impact for finer finish. KNOTTED or knot-twisted is for heavy duty brushing like deburring, weld edge cleaning, scale, spatter, heavy rust and corrosion removal. KNOTTED RING type cup brushes are like regular knotted type but have a support ring which controls flare-out and can be removed for extended brush life.

  • Model: JWA13F300
  • Manufactured by: J. Walter Co., Ltd.

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