Prime 100ft. 12/3 SJEOW Extension Cord Triple - Tap w/ Primeligh

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PRIME® Arctic Blue™ All-Weather TPE-Rubber Extension Cords with Primelight® Power Indicator Light & Primelok® Locking Connectors. ARCTIC BLUE™ all-weather TPE-rubber extension cords are designed for use by contractors and industrial personnel, providing an all weather cordset made for outstanding performance in extreme climate conditions at temperatures from -58°F to +221°F. Lighter than ordinary cords, ARCTIC BLUE™ TPE-rubber cords provide superior resistance to sunlight, ozone, cracking, oils and chemicals, and are outstanding in resistance to abuse, rough handling and wear. PRIME® has added a distinctive orange stripe extruded into the cords and lighted connectors to show when the power is on. LT630835 - 100ft. 12/3 SJEOW Blue/Orange Triple-Tap w/ Primelight® Indicator Light

  • Model: CENLT630835
  • Manufactured by: Prime Wire & Cable

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