JET 7/16" X 11mm Multi-Fit Combination Wrench

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Jet Multi-fit Combination Wrenches. Box end fits S.A.E. and Metric 6 point hex and 12 point double hex fasteners, as well as 4 point, Spline, and TORX® fasteners • Patented open end fits S.A.E. and Metric 6 point hex fasteners and 4 point • Permits use on fasteners when box end cannot be slipped over rod or bolt • Competing open end designs require the user to purchase separate S.A.E. and Metric sets • Super strong SAE 6140 Chrome Vanadium steel for strength and durability • 15° offset – ideal for most applications • Fully polished mirror finish with 3 layers of plating for superior corrosion resistance. 7/16" x 11mm Box End Fits: 7/16" x 6 and 12 pt., 11mm x 6 and 12 pt., 3/8" x 4 pt., 9mm x 4 pt., #11 Spline, E14 TORX® (700456)

  • Model: JET700456
  • Manufactured by: Jet Equipment & Tool

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